Welcome to Stay Home Collier

Welcome to Stay Home Collier

Welcome to Stay Home CollierWelcome to Stay Home CollierWelcome to Stay Home Collier

Home Delivery Service

For Seniors

Stay home. Stay healthy.

Who We Are

Delivery You Can Trust

Feel better in the comfort of your own home. 

Avoid exposure where possible, we'll come to you.

Whether you need groceries, prescriptions or general items, let us be your runners while you stay home and stay healthy by practicing and adhering to the recommended "social distancing" strategy.

We have you covered.

Vigilant and Empathetic

This Corona Virus outbreak has many at unrest and we feel the widespread panic of our elderly population most of all.  

We understand that means that much of our community is at higher risk and susceptibility. 

We have elderly family members ourselves who we provide these services for so we have compassion towards those who are under the same stress of leaving your homes. 

We are doing our part in providing what we are able. 

Let us give you the peace of mind to stay home and stay healthy. 

Steps to Keep You Safe

We follow the recommended social distancing, hygienic and disinfecting practices and we avoid face to face communication whenever and wherever possible. 

  • All payments and orders are taken online
  • All communication is via phone (text) or email.
  • All deliveries are dropped safely at your front door with an alert that your items have arrived.  
  • Payments can be made using PayPal, Credit/Debit card or Venmo.  Should cash payments be necessary, we ask that you leave it in a safe place outside of your home where we will retrieve it without any face to face contact.  (*scroll down to see payment information in following sections)
  • We are overzealous with our hygiene. We wipe EVERYTHING with effective anti-virus solutions  after leaving any public facility including our hands, skin, vehicles and any other area where hand contact has been made.   
  • All delivery items are wiped down prior to drop off with appropriate anti-virus solutions and are delivered to you in a plastic bag that has not been exposed to the general public.  

[IMPORTANT NOTE:  We use bleach wipes and/or rubbing alcohol as our anti-virus solution to disinfect products, surfaces and other materials in transit and while we are out.   If you choose for us not to do this, you must request for us to skip this part in writing at the time of your order.  You are then responsible for the disinfecting of the product and container surfaces delivered. 

How Can We Help?

Grocery Pick-Up and Delivery

Grocery Pick-Up and Delivery

Grocery Pick-Up and Delivery

Although our local stores are inevitably running low on many items, we will do our best to find what you need and get it to you.  

In the case that your specific requested items are not available we will send you a checklist via text or email noting those items before we leave the store and you'll have an allotted time to provide us with an alternative option.  Should you miss that open window, we are happy to work with you to figure out how we can help.  

Prescriptions and Pharmacy

Grocery Pick-Up and Delivery

Grocery Pick-Up and Delivery

If you have prescriptions that are waiting for you at a local pharmacy, we will pick them up for you along with any other pharmacy specific items you need.   Again, items that are not prescribed may be running low or unavailable. We will communicate with you and determine your options.   

Note: For prescription pick up, we will help as much as legality allows.  Some prescriptions require in person patient pick up and proof of ID, some may require direct patient or doctor approval for 3rd party pick up and some may not be released to us at all. 

We will determine if your pharmacy will allow you to authorize us to pick up on your behalf.  

Indoor Activities

Grocery Pick-Up and Delivery

Indoor Activities

We know that it can get boring being stuck at home!  Many of you are full of life and are used to keeping yourself busy by going out, shopping or enjoying activities with friends.  

Our solution is to see if there are any interests you have that may be of help. 

Some of our ideas:

  • Art or craft items
  • Games
  • Cards
  • Crossword Puzzle or similar books
  • Reading material, books or otherwise
  • Other suggestions you may have

As long as our local stores remain open where these items are normally available we can look for options.

There Are Already Grocery Delivery Services Available

Of course there are other options, there always are.  

There are more people ordering than usual so maybe we can help with timing.

Here are a few differences : 

  • No up-charge on products
  • No subscription or hidden fees
  • No additional fee for low order amount
  • Addition of pharmacy delivery
  • Addition of craft/hobby store delivery


PAYMENTS MUST BE MADE PRIOR TO DELIVERY - We will send you an estimated total, including delivery fee, once payment is made we’ll be on our way!  Alternatively you can order direct from store online for  curbside pick up.  (Our cost will still apply)

Email or text your list using the appropriate location email (Naples, Marco or Bonita) and then look for a reply with your estimate via text or email from stayhomecollier@gmail.com

Amounts should be estimated using local stores' online pricing (i.e Publix, Walgreens, CVS etc) Their on-line delivery sites will have their products marked up so use this as a guide only! ! We will let you know the true total and return payment of change due to you. 

If you need help with your estimation, mention that with your order. 

If change is due to you, we will send it through the same method as payment was made.

Payments should be made online only.  Minimum service fee has been reduced to $10.  We want to help but still need to cover costs.  Tipping is at your discretion. 

Additional charges may be necessary due to location, distance traveled or number of stops needed.  

If this applies to your delivery we will contact you.  

Credit Cards or PayPal payments : 

Click here or type PayPal.me/StayHomeCollier into your browser (do not type 'www')


User name is @StayHomeCollier

If cash payment is necessary

it is still expected at the time of scheduling and we will pick it up before we shop but this may result in a additional fee for travel to your location twice.  Please contact us to discuss and make arrangement

Inquiries, Information and Orders


For general inquiries, questions or clarifications - PLEASE USE CONTACT FORM BELOW.  

To assist us with time management issues, we are not accepting direct phone calls or checking any voicemails.  

Your phone number is required on our contact form so can call you if necessary.  When we receive your message, we will get back to you as soon as possible.  

Place Your Order and Schedule Delivery

Naples, Florida, United States


Currently Serving Naples and Marco Island

Available delivery times: 

Monday - Friday 10:00am-8:00pm

Saturday/Sunday 12:00pm - 8:00pm

Exact times will be determined by location and number of orders placed before you.


Naples                   StayHomeNaples@gmail.com
Marco Island        StayHomeMarco@gmail.com

TO ORDER BY TEXT - 239-322-3863

(No phone calls)

NEW:  Some Bonita Springs locations have been added.  Send email to StayHomeBonita@gmail.com to check on availability.  

For General Inquiries Only

Use this form to ask general questions. TO ORDER, SEE ABOVE.

Remember - Stay Home. Stay Healthy.

This Is A Community Service

Just a Pay It Forward Service

'Stay Home Collier' is more of an initiative than an entitiy - it is our effort to offer help to our community in crisis. 

This is not a business or a job, it is an act of kindness.

This is a fully transparent, honest and trustworthy community effort started by a local business owner who like you, is attempting to get through the current national crisis as calmly and safely as possible.   

The idea comes from a single mom of 3 living in Naples who plain and simple told her own elderly family members to stay home during this outbreak and offered to be the 'runner' for the family in order to help them avoid public contact and follow the social distance strategy to stay healthy.  Her thought was that her age and health are an attribute to help in this situation and began thinking of all those older and more susceptible who should also be staying home.   The heart felt motivation stems from her idea to help her own family and friends and it is also part of a solution as she was brainstorming and seeking productive ways to alleviate the impact of the loss of income due to the state of the nation during this Corona Virus outbreak.   A few friends have joined her   to help provide these services as a way to benefit many people in many ways.

There are ways to help yourself in times of trouble - the most important thing to remember ? ... helping others first will always point in the right direction. 

Please read the following statements and disclaimers in order to understand what the intention and effort of 'Stay Home Collier' is all about. 

Things you should know before you schedule a delivery: 

  • 'Stay Home Collier' not a business nor are we licensed or insured beyond our own personal health and vehicle coverage.  
  • Our services are not part of any registered business or operating under any entity.  
  • There is no mark-up on any product or items purchased on your behalf.  
  • Any charges beyond those of your purchase are to be considered reimbursement to us for our gas and mileage used to provide the service as well as a reasonable fee for our time and effort.   
  • Taxes on any purchases made on your behalf will be paid and the amount included in your total, however our service fee and any payments made to us that exceed the purchase charges or any 'keep the change' or tips offered by you are considered non-taxable to you.  
  • Anything tax related will be handled and determined appropriately by us. 
  • Stay Home Collier is considered a community service to help people stay as healthy as possible, and it should be received as such. 

We are not medical personnel:

  • We can not offer any professional or expert advice on your health or selection of your purchases and any health related communications are merely our opinions and thoughts and personal experiences.  
  • We have no qualifications that would allow us to assist you in any way for medical care.  
  • We are not super-human and we do not guarantee nor make any claims that you will avoid contracting the Corona Virus because of our services.  
  • While we will take every precaution available, some above and beyond, to avoid transferring any virus, germs or bacteria to anyone or getting sick ourselves, you are also expected to be responsible for your own health and safety by following the recommendations of the CDC, Public Health Safety protocol and National advisories.  

  • We are not liable for your health in any way, at any time.  We are simply offering you the same assistance that we are offering our families and friends and we are doing so out of the kindness of our hearts and our compassion for our community.   

  • By contacting us, placing an order, scheduling a delivery and using our services, you are saying that you understand all of the above statements and are agreeing to accept this help with no other expectations than those of a community service being implemented by average, everyday people in an effort to make your life better and keep you healthy!